Quotation for products on our catalogs

Based on the standard specifications listed in the catalog, we can finely adjust the specifications to meet your needs.

Rental service of demo machines

We offer rental of some demo machines to respond to your needs for evaluation before introduction of our products.

Please feel free to contact us.

Technical inquiries concerning our products and usage

We provide information on application and operation methods in accordance with conditions of use.

Customization and assemblies

We support your request for products on our catalogs with changed specifications and assembling of items from various product groups.

In addition, we can actively support OEM products.

New development and design

We accept requests for development of new products utilizing our techniques.

Suggestions for peripheral equipment

We make proposals for peripheral equipment necessary for operation of our gas generators and other products, such as compressors, dryers and drains.

Regular maintenance

We offer regular servicing, including maintenance of large equipment, for long-lasting use of our products.

Measurement and operation test using actual fluid

If we are provided with fluid that can be discharged into the air or disposed of as general waste, we can perform measurement and verification using the actual fluid.

Malfunction investigation and cause analysis

In addition to support for malfunction of our products, we faithfully respond to consultations about issues occurring at your site.

Product calibration, repair, or overhaul

We offer regular calibration of flow meters, overhaul including replacement of aged components, or repair after the warranty period has expired.

Creation of documents and drawings

We offer not only outline drawings but also 3D modeling of products before your purchase.

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