Before purchase

Q. What is an Rc joint? What is the difference from NPT fittings?

An Rc joint is a taper pipe internal thread, which fits with an R joint, a taper pipe external thread.
*In the old JIS standard, it was a PT joint.
*On the other hand, NPT fittings are American taper pipe threads, and have a thread angle, standard thread shape and the number of threads that are different from those of Rc and R joints.

Q.What kind of joints can I choose?

Standard fittings are available for each product.

Q.Is it possible to use this product by mixed fluid?

Please tell us the specific fluid name and mixing ratio.

Q.Is it possible to issue a certificate of non-applicability?

Yes, please contact us

Q.What if I want to buy the same product that I have now?

Please tell me the serial number on the label.