After purchase

Q. Is it okay to use the product with a solenoid valve?

If the product is used immediately near a solenoid valve, the pressure or flow rate rapidly changes by opening and closing of the solenoid valve, which may cause damage to the flow meter (e.g. breakage of the glass tube).
Please ensure that the pressure changes do not directly influence the flow meter as far as possible.

Q. Is it okay to use fluids other than the specified fluid?

When any fluid other than the specified one is used, a difference between the actual flow rate and indicated value is caused.
Although the indicated value can be converted with a conversion formula, the converted value is a theoretical one. Please consider it as a reference value that may have an error.
* Depending on product specifications, such as corrosion resistance, you cannot use fluids other than the specified one.

Q. The float does not move. What measures should I take?

The float may get stuck due to foreign matter entering to the flow meter.
In some cases, the problem can be solved by purging. If the problem remains, the product needs to be returned to our company for repair work, such as disassembling and cleaning.