After purchase

Q. How can I install the product? Is the installation position or direction specified?

Please fix the product with the installation screw holes (x2) on the bottom surface of it.
*We recommend that the product is installed horizontally.
*The flow direction of gas is specified on the product with an arrow.

Q. Is it okay to use fluids other than the specified fluid?

When any fluid other than the specified one is used, a difference between the actual flow rate and indicated value is caused.
*Although the indicated value can be converted by using the C.F. (Conversion Factor),
the converted value is a theoretical one calculated based on N₂ gas.
Please consider it as a reference value that may have an error.
*For the C.F. value of each gas, contact our sales representative of your company or our sales office.
* Depending on product specifications, such as corrosion resistance, you cannot use fluids other than the specified one.

Q. Is it okay to use fluids containing water?

Gas containing water, such as water vapor, cannot be used. Using such gas causes malfunction.

Q. Is there any problem if fluid flows backward?

The product does not get damaged if the pressure is not larger than the proof pressure. The measurement, however, is not correct.

Q. Is there any problem if the flow exceeds the maximum flow rate?

There is no problem if the condition of operating differential pressure is satisfied.

Q. How often should the product be calibrated? (i.e. time interval between calibrations)

We recommend that the calibration cycle is determined taking the warranty period of the product as a guide.