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Pressure Regulator Valve MODEL 6610 SERIES

Pressure Regulator Valve

This valve has been developed for better repeatability and
quick, reliable pressure regulation by increasing the accuracy
of the low-pressure side compared with the Model 6600.
It is ideal for high-sensitivity analyzers and semiconductor
manufacturing equipment, as well as for research and


• High-precision regulation on the low-pressure side
High regulation performance with repeatability of ±1% or less when the pressure on the primary side and load resistance on the secondary side change under the set pressure condition of 0.01–0.15 MPa.
• Non-grease specification
The sections in contact with gas are made of stainless steel, Viton, and Teflon without using grease. This valve is ideal for the semiconductor industry which requires ultra-clean conditions.
• Lock nut
The regulating position, once it has been set, can be fixed by a lock nut to prevent the setting from changing.
• Non-bleed type
This non-bleed type valve prevents gas from leaking to the outside.


• Gas chromatography
• High-purity gas control
• Low-pressure controllers
• Semiconductor industry

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