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Low-cost Mass Flow Sensor MODEL3810S SERIES

Low-cost Mass Flow Sensor

Designed on the heritage base construction of the superior class bypass capillary type mass flow sensor, the Model 3810S Mass Flow Sensor centers the focus on economy through a thorough effort towards streamlining with the view to built-in applications. The series is one of the KOFLOC best sellers and is used by many assembly manufacturers as a substitute for the existing float type (tapered pipe type) flow meter.

Catalog Instruction Manual


・ A low-cost, still, full-fledged sensor based on a combination of the constant-current temperature difference detection type with the bypass capillary type
・ A large cost reduction makes Model 3810S almost rival any ex-isting float type flow meter in price.
・ 0 to 5VDC analog flow outputs provide various applications such as measurements recording, control and alarm issuance.
・ The sensor is mass flow type. The user needs no troublesome calculations for flow correction due to the effects of tempera-ture and pressure.

Standard Specifications


Specifications relating to the flow range (e.g., flow range, accuracy and response) are expressed in N2 or air equivalent. The product will be built with the primary pressure of 300 kPa or less and the secondary side open to the atmosphere. For details on the pressure requirements, please contact us.


・Air sampling
・Analyzer component
・Biotechnological process
・Burn control
・CCFL manufacturing
・Chamber pressure control
・Chemical process
・Environment monitoring
・Electronic device manufacturing
・Food production
・Fuel cell testing
・Fermentation process
・Gas blending
・Gas distribution
・Gas flow monitoring
・Gas generation
・Industrial furnace
・Leak testing
・Pharmaceutical process
・Pollution monitoring
・Process flow control
・Solar power element manufacturing
・Purge gas measurement

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