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Low-cost Mass Flow Meter with Display MODEL 3810DSII SERIES

Low-cost Mass Flow Meter with Display

The Model 3810DS II is a mass flow meter with a built-in display using a time-tested flow sensor. The 3810DS II displays total flow in addition to instantaneous flow, which is an improvement on the previous model 3810DS. Just like the 3810DS, the 3810DS II is also available with flow sensor and precision needle valve built into one piece.

Catalog Instruction Manual


・ Precision needle valve for controlling and monitoring very low flow rates
・Two alarm outputs for flow monitoring
・Analog output for instantaneous flow and pulse output for total flow
・Compact and lightweight
・The display is built in and the meter only requires connection to a 24-VDC power supply.
・The meter measures mass flow and directly reads the flow.
There is no need for flow correction calculations based on tem-perature and pressure.

Standard Specifications

*Cable connection
Connector: 3810DS II end: HR10A-7R-6P (Hirose Electric) Cable end: HR10A-7P-6S (Hirose Electric)

*A conversion cable for the previous model 3810DS is available.
Specifications relating to the flow range (e.g., flow range, accuracy and repeat-ability) are expressed in N2 or air equivalent. The product will be built with the primary pressure of 300 kPa or less and the secondary side open to the atmos-phere. For details on the pressure requirements, ask us.

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