nitrogen gas generator

nitrogen gas generator
The adsorbent used for the equipment has characteristics to selectively adsorb a large amount of oxygen in the initial stage of adsorption and to adsorb a larger amount in the high-pressure condition. Therefore, it can adsorb the oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and moisture in a short time from the air introduced into an adsorption vessel and can obtain high-purity nitrogen gas as product gas from the top of the adsorption vessel. On the other hand, the adsorbent which has adsorbed oxygen gases can be easily removed/and regenerated by reducing the pressure to atomospheric pressure. Therefore, high-purity nitrogen gas can be produced continuously by alternately pressurization and desorption in two adsorption vessels.

* Substitution for cylinder
Carrier gases for various analysis instruments or
scientific instruments, and purge gases used in a
* For heat treatment
Blanket gases for metal heat treatment, purge gases,
blanket gases for ceramics and ferrite burning,
oxidization-protection gases when in welding and soldering
* For semi-conductor industries
* CA storage gases for fruits and vegetables
* Non-oxidization seal gases foods
Filling-up gases for medicine packing, carrier gases
for welding, reduction of oxygen scavenger
* Explosion-proof or rust-prevention gases
Purge gases for tank, reaction vessel, piping, seal
gases for flammable materials, rust-prevention gases
for communication cables and various tanks
* Seal gases for shipping
* Blanket gases for synthetic fibers and melted spinning

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