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Oxygen Gas Generator Mini-CUBE SERIES(0.2NL/min-2NL/min)

Oxygen Gas Generator

The Mini-CUBEseries,which was developed for small volume use,offers more than 90% purity and its ultra-small body can be placed on a desktop.A DC inverter compressor has also been used,allowing energy-saving functions as a standard feature. This series also features a new design in harmony with peripheral equipment,making it optimal incidental equipment for analysis and culture devices,as well as marine applications and it is possible to Ozone materials.



Oxygen Gas Generator


Tank unit (Option)

Tank unit is a gas holder for Mini-CUBE series. It is possible to make automatic start-stop by the storage pressure. These are
energy-saving effect, and it is a valid option when you intermittently use the gas. Size is the same size as the Mini-CUBE series
generator, it is also possible is to put a tank unit on top of the generator. There is no need to secure a space of the tank unit. Oxygen Gas Generator

Tank unit Specifications

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