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Nitrogen Gas Generator NTE SERIES(2.7Nm3/h-17.2Nm3/h)

Nitrogen Gas Generator

The NTE series can generate 2.7~17.2Nm3/h with a compact case design
and has increased its nitrogen generating volume by approximately 26% from the previous model.



♦ Easy handling only by pressing switches because of all automatic
♦ Compact design requiring small space
♦ High-purity and dry (DP–55°C or less) nitrogen gas can be obtained.
♦ Pressure vessels are made from aluminium.


●Nitrogen gas supply in reserch laboratories
 LC/MS FTIR ICP/MS, column drying,concentration of
 extraction liquid, storage cabinet humidity control

●For N2 packaging of food products
 Optimal for small subdivided packaging such as tea,
 coffee,dried bonito and nuts

●For resin molds
 Optimal for preventing oxidation for supply to
 extrusion molding machine and injection molding
 machine hoppers

●For electronic parts
 As a subsidiary small soldering apparatus(desktop
 solder tank,soldering iron, reworking device etc.)

●For explosion-proof treatment
 In manufacturing process of ignitable medicines,
 nitrogen purging of medicine storage cabinets etc.

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