KOFLOC's Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The natural environment is preserved through the balance of solids, liquids and gases that exist on the earth. However, human civilization has caused pollution that has greatly damaged our environment. The task of the present generation is to restore our environment to its natural healthy state. And this is also the greatest challenge for 21st century science and technology.

KOFLOC's corporate motto is "A Scientific Approach for Fluids." In other words, we create products that scientifically measure and control the balance of liquids and gases. We trust that through our work we are making a contribution to the regeneration of the environment and to the establishment of a prosperous society.

Management Direction

Through unique technology we will create environmentally friendly products that contribute to society and generate high earnings for our company.

  • a. Making a strong company even stronger
    We will actively promote personnel and technology development as well as capital expenditure in order to consolidate our number one position in the market and to differentiate our products.
  • b. Acquiring advanced technology
    Developing unique and creative products through advanced technology, we will strive for a 21st century manufacturing model that puts customer satisfaction first.
  • c. Promoting globalization
    We will make every effort to broaden the recognition of the KOFLOC brand throughout the world. Our focus will be on new markets in the high-consumption nations of the world, especially our high-growth Asian neighbors.

Company creed