KOFLOC's Philosophy

President and CEO's Message

We aim to be a company that supports the next generation.

More than 70 years have passed since our company started as the Hisanao Kojima store.

With the company creed of “Cherish Old Knowledge to Acquire New”, KOFLOC Corp. has improved the flow measurement and control techniques for gas and liquid, and expanded the business as a manufacturer with “A Scientific Approach for Fluids”.

In the world, where scientific technologies are constantly advancing, we always aim to support the next generation behind the scenes and inspire the future with our manufacturing activities.

The most important thing that lies at the basis of all our activities is the attitude to be close to our customers. This is what our company has cherished for many years and every employee is always creating as his or her own value.

To further expand and improve connections with our customers, we will continue to always strive to create products that can be useful and appreciated in the world.

小島 望

Company creed