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Constant Flow Valve for Liquid MODEL 2600S/2600PVC SERIES

Constant Flow Valve for Liquid

This is a constant flow valve developed for liquids, and maintains a constant liquid flow irrespective of pressure changes on the primary and secondary sides.

Catalog Instruction Manual


• Excellent constant flow valve for liquids
The valve is made of high-precision parts for smooth control.
• Immune to pressure changes
The valve keeps the flow constant irrespective of changes in the primary- and secondary-side (outlet-side) pressure.
• Control of very small flow from 10 ml/min
• Upper and lower diaphragm chambers equipped with airbreathers
Air breathing during initial flow setting permits high accuracy control.


• Analyzers
• Environmental measuring instruments
• Liquid mixing equipment

Standard Specifications

Special Specifications

Contact us for other ranges and other types of fluids.
Note: The above specifications are subject to change.
Install a filter or the like on the IN side to prevent entry of foreign substances.

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