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Digital Mass Flow Controller with Indicator DF-300C SERIES

Digital Mass Flow Controller with Indicator

The Model DF-300C Series is a mass flow controller with an integral
indicator that operates on a 24-V power supply, as developed
in response to the requests from users of the DF Series.
It inherits the features of the DF-200C Series with enhanced
convenience, including accuracy of ±1% S.P., response ≤1 sec (in
all ranges), and the multiple-gas, multiple-range versatility, i.e.,
support of seven gases (including reference gas) and the ease of
changing the flow rate range of each gas.

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・High accuracy (±1% S.P.), fast response (≤ 1 sec in all ranges)
・Support of multiple ranges and multiple gases
・Communication functions installed as standard feature (RS485)
・RoHS CE standard compliant
・Driven by single 24 V DC supply voltage
・With or without indicator (selectable)
・Selectable Input/output signal

Standard Specifications

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