KOFLOC Co., Ltd. Environmental Policy

KOFLOC Co., Ltd. Environmental Policy

Our concept of the environment

KOFLOC recognizes that the preservation and transmission of our rich natural environment to the next generation is the most important task facing humanity. In all our business activities, we strive to prevent any pollution of the global environmental.

Environmental Policy

In the 21st century, mankind must engage with the problem of lowering the burden on the earth's environment. As it works to meet this challenge through the broad-ranging development of environmental measuring instruments and exploitation of next-generation energy, KOFLOC will undertake the following initiatives:

  1. KOFLOC will work to reduce the environmental burden through its manufacturing, sales, and service activities.
    1) Reduce energy consumption
    2) Reduce amount of waste materials
    3) Reduce amount of natural resources used
    4) Develop new environment-related products
    5) Actively promote green procurement
  2. KOFLOC will raise environmental awareness among employees through environment education programs.
  3. Employees will work to implement continual improvements, protect against pollution and prevent accidents.
  4. KOFLOC will fully comply with all legal requirements concerning the environment and any other related requirements.
  5. KOFLOC will set environmental objectives/targets and work systematically toward achieving them. We will autonomously review our activities and continuously improve them.
  6. KOFLOC will ensure that its environmental mission is understood by all its employees and also communicated to the public.

Enacted May 10, 2005 Chairman Hisatoshi Kojima

KOFLOC's Environmental Activities

In accordance with the Environmental Policy outlined above and with environmental awareness prominent in all our thinking, KOFLOC will implement the following environmental preservation activities:

  1. Reduce energy consumption (reduction in amount of electricity used)
    The entire company will engage in energy consumption reduction activities.
    Employees will be encouraged to submit ideas on achieving the target of a 1% reduction in energy consumption compared to the previous year.
  2. Reduce amount of waste materials
    We will actively promote categorization and reduction in amount of waste materials.
    While taking the current classification of waste materials into 12 categories as standard, we will consider ways of converting waste materials to effective use within the company. Wherever possible we will finally recycle materials through consignment to a specialist contractor.
  3. Reduction of fuel consumption by company vehicles
    In order to reduce CO2emissions we will promote economical transport operations. Use of public transport and vehicle sharing will be encouraged.
    With regard to the handling of dangerous and harmful substances, we will frame appropriate procedures and follow them faithfully. We will implement company control standards and monitor on a daily basis. In the event of a leakage of dangerous or harmful substances, we will stringently implement emergency response measures.